Biography of Ryan Shaw

Ryan Shaw is the owner of Paradrenalin (PPG Sales and Instruction), and the owner and founder of AeroBatixUSA, the premier PPG Pylon Racing organization in the U.S.

At age 33, Ryan has a paragliding resume more befitting a person twice his age. A native of Zimbabwe, Ryan began flying paragliders in 1993, at age 13. By age 16, Ryan’s obvious skills in the competitive arena caught the attention of PG pilots. Before he knew it, Ryan was competing on the International PG circuit as a professional pilot, winning and/or placing in numerous competitions worldwide. In fact, With the exception of Antarctica, Ryan has flown every continent on the planet, and has accumulated in excess of 10,000 flying hours….a number more typical of a retired commercial airline pilot.

In 1996, Ryan tried powered paragliding for the first time. It was here that he discovered what would not only become his passion, but a career as well. After moving to Phoenix, AZ, Ryan purchased Paradrenalin in 2007. Ryan quickly observed a void in the PPG industry, specifically with regard to overall quality and reliability. With this realization, Ryan developed a relationship with Nirvana Paramotors ( In the Czech Republic ).  Nirvana, while well known in Europe and Asia as the premier PPG company, had virtually no presence in the US. That changed quickly as Ryan became the US importer for Nirvana, and established a nationwide sales and support network. Ryan attributes the success of this venture to a philosophy of “Consistently exceeding customer expectations…whether we’re talking about our products, training, or long term support.  Our goal is to strive for excellence at every turn, and to keep our customers for life. “

Running multiple successful businesses, doesn’t leave Ryan with too much time to indulge in peripheral activities. In spite of these limitations, Ryan has managed to squeeze in a few notable achievements in just the last 2 years: In 2012 Ryan broke 5 Powered Paragliding World Records and is ranked #1 in the USA!

2013 Achievements:

  • 3rd Place 2013 Paratoys Competition
  • 1st Place Endless Foot Drag Competition
  • 1st Place US Nationals

2012 Achievements:

  • 1st Place 2012 US Nationals
  • World Record “Altitude Tandem”
  • World Record “Time To Climb To 3,000m Tandem”
  • World Record “Time To Climb To 3,000m”
  • World Records Ratified by FAI
  • 3rd place 2012 Endless foot drag competition
  • World Record “Speed over a straight course 15km/25km”
  • World Record “Speed over 50km Closed Circuit Course”
  • 1st place 2012 Paratoys Competition
2011 Achievements:
  • 1st place in 2011 paramotor world Xcontest
  • 1st place foot launch race ( Reflex Class )
  • 5th place 2011 Paratoys Competition
  • 3rd place 2011 Beach Blast competition
  • 1st place 2011 Endless foot drag competition
  • 3rd place 2011 US Nationals

2010 Achievements:

  • 5th in USA Nationals

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And, just for good measure, Ryan was honored by the Jeff Goin with the 2011 ‘Man of the Year’ award, for his competitive achievements, contributions to our sport, and his unrelenting dedication to safety and excellence.

February 2012

Ryan Shaw is the newest member of the Nirvana Race Team! The NRT consists of some of the best Powered Paraglider pilots in the world. They also hold many world, USA and European Championship titles!

Ryan Shaw is a USHGA certified Tandem Instructor and USPPA certified Instructor/Administrator a Tandem Instructor/Administrator and an ASC Advanced flight Instructor. He is also a rated commercial airplane pilot,  flies sailplanes and B.A.S.E jumps for fun.