World Record

On March 31, 2012 I set a new world record for the 50km closed course.  I flew the Nirvana Instinct NS 230 and a 22mDudek Plasma.  The preliminary results are a new world record of 76km/hr, the previous record was 72 km/hr.  My take-off weight was 144.2 kg.  I carried approximately 30 kgs of extra lead weights, to help increase my speed.

When I first decided to start this process, I thought it would be as simple as flying with my GPS and sending the data to the NAA/FAI.  Boy, was I mistaken.  The first step is to get sanction approval from the NAA.  This has to be done prior to even making an attempt.  Once the sanction has been approved (and a small fee paid), I now had 90 days to break the record or I would need to resubmit for approval and pay the fee again.  90 days seems like a long time, but between the bad/windy weather we have had, the endless stream of students I have been training, and trying to coordinate dates/time with the official observer, those 3 months went by way too quick.

I flew numerous test flights trying out different weight configurations, some were successful and others were not.  The weight of the motor, fuel and extra weights came to approximately 142 lbs, talk about a challenging take-off when there is no wind, these take-offs were not my usual 2 steps! Many times the winds at the airport were perfect, but the further I got into my flight, the less perfect they became.  But, finally after many hurdles along the way, this past Saturday it all came together nicely.

Now that it’s done, it’s back to filling out paperwork.  The preliminary claim has been filed with the NAA/FAI.  But of course, there is much more to be filled out, pictures, videos and GPS records to be submitted.

I would like to thank all of my flying buddies at Pleasant Valley Airport in Peoria, AZ for their support during the past 3 months.  A special Thank-you to my official observer Dennis Chapman for getting up early on many cold mornings, sometimes just to  ‘watch’ the wind blow.

Thanks to my sponsors!

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