Ryan Shaw wins 2012 Salton Sea Competition!

I just got back from the 2012 Paratoys Salton Sea Fly-in and am proud to say that I won this year’s competition!   The original plan for the competition was the Japanese Slalom course, so for the past few months myself and others had been practicing this course. Much to our surprise, the day before the comp we found out that the course was being changed to the Clover Leaf course. I had not practiced the Clover Leaf in almost 2 years! We all had a practice run the day before which I totally messed up, I only flew half the course and gave up. I was lucky enough to wake up early the day of the comp and get 15 minutes flying in and practice a little before we started which was good! This year we had a lot of good pilots flying including the former world champion so the pressure was on to do well!

 My times around the clover leaf where really fast, I was very impressed by how well I did. My first run was in 46.6 seconds and my second run was in 43.8 seconds!  That’s fast!  My spot landings were good and I did manage to stall my wing on the last flight as I was trying to spot land. It was starting to get a little thermic and I was really pushing hard to get the spot. I hit some lift on final so tried to slow down by pumping the breaks, I had taken a wrap in the breaks as well so it did not take much to stall my 20M wing! I quickly realized what I had done and put my hands up to recover and at that point the wing was diving forward so I had to stall it again so I did not hit the ground going forward. No injuries, the motor took the impact for me and I only broke one strut on my Nirvana Instinct.

 As you already know, just 3 weeks ago I was invited by Pavel Brezina (owner of Nirvana) to be on the Nirvana Race Team! I am really excited to have my first win as part of the team! I was flying a Dudek Hadron 20M and a Nirvana Instinct NS230, this is a new model we are testing for Nirvana, which has been perfect so far! The Dudek Hadron is by far the best wing I have flown, it is really fast and agile which is what you need in these types of competitions.

 Congratulations to all who participated, especially with the last minute change!

 Thanks to all my sponsors



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