World Record #2

This past Sunday I set another new world record for the Speed Over a Straight Course 15/25km.  I flew the Nirvana Instinct NS 230 and 22m Dudek Plasma.  The preliminary results are a new world record of 80 km/hr.  I beat the current world record of 72.96 km/hr and the current pending record of 75 km/hr.  My take-off weight was 137.4 kgs and I carried approximately 30 lbs of extra weight to increase my speed.

I knew the conditions were not ideal, but I was running out of time to get this done.  We sent up a helium balloon to test the winds and we could see that the upper winds starting at 500 feet were really strong.  The balloon was bouncing  around a lot showing us how turbulent it was.  The flight turned out to be the scariest flight I have ever had.  In all my years of flying, I have never flown in conditions so rough.  At times my ground speed was up to 110 km/hr, that is crazy fast!  The wing was all over the place.  It was very difficult to keep the glider under control due to the turbulence.  This flight is a true testament to how rock solid and stable reflex wings really are.  I would never want to fly these conditions on any other wing.  I flew the entire way on full speed bar with the trims all the way out and never a hint of a collapse.

I guess now it’s back to filling out more paperwork.  Thank again to Dennis Chapman, my official observer.  And thank-you to all of my sponsors.

Nirvana Paramotors


Dudek Paragliders

Jim Doyle, Pulse Star Spark Plugs




  1. Tim Doogs

    Good job Ryan! Looks like things are going great for you. Keep up the good work. Tim

  2. Well done Ryan! That’s really moving!


  3. Glenn

    Wow! That was exciting to read! good job!!!

  4. Way to go Ryan. Let the dust settle a bit before you bust this record. Congratulations

  5. Wow man! 300lb take off weight on a 22m?!?!

    Nice one.

  6. Chris Atkinson

    Well done Ryan. Always knew you would get it done

  7. Son Nguyen

    Great job, Ryan. I am sure you break this record soon.

  8. Paul Anthem

    You da MAN, Ryan. Congrats. Maybe you should become the official mascot of Ryan Airlines in the UK “We get you there fast, no matter how uncomfortable it is.”

  9. Nice one Ryan ;-)
    That’s fairly ‘wizzing’ along THAT is …
    Have U thought about ‘streamlining’ stuff (‘teardrop helmets etc)… or did U do that already? … at these speeds, is it even worth doing … I dunno?
    Fly Safe

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